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24 Hour Service on Any Dental Products


DG Manhattan combines the next-generation technology of the most modern digital dentistry facilities with the intimate and personalized service of a local neighborhood business. We are a full-service digital dental lab that serves dentists in New York City and nearby areas. With years of experience at the forefront of digital dentistry, DG Manhattan offers a full suite of American-made products, including crowns, veneers, inlays, implant bars, dentures, bridge units and more. Our experienced and qualified team of technicians provide the highest level of customization and we are prepared to offer 24 hour service on any dental products your patients need.


If you’re a dentist practicing in NYC and need quality and efficient lab services, call DG Manhattan at 212- 951-0044. We look forward to working with you.

The Advantages of Expediency


As a dentist operating in New York City, you know what a hurry your patients are in. You also know that they simply can’t afford to wait days or weeks for their implants and prosthetics to be manufactured and delivered. DG Manhattan provides some of the quickest turnaround times in NYC, and can even offer 24 hour service on any dental products using our streamlined and state-of-the-art technology. Whether your patient needs a set of veneers, an implant bar, temporary dentures or anything else, we have the resources and staff to make it happen, and quickly. We understand that both you and your patients have schedules to keep and we’re determined to help you improve your dental health sooner rather than later. Trust us to deliver quality lab services ahead of time.


Above and Beyond for Our Loyal Customers


Part of streamlining and improving your patients’ dental care is making sure you have the latest digital scanning and imaging equipment available. In addition to offering the finest implant products and restoratives, DG Manhattan proudly works with the leading names in dental imaging, such as 3M, 3Shape, iTero and more, to give your patients the best picture of their oral health. We routinely offer deals to eligible patients that allow them to access state-of-the-art scanners for free. To find out more about our regular deals, call one of our friendly and experienced sales professionals. We believe in rewarding loyalty, and want to turn your New York City dental practice into the most modern digital dentistry destination. Your patients are sure to notice the difference.


NYC’s Premier Full-Service Digital Dental Lab


DG Manhattan would like your practice to consider us a partner in improving patient care through the most modern and innovative products and techniques. From our 24 hour service on any dental products to our commitment to innovation in manufacturing and diagnostics, we have everything you need to grow your practice and treat more and more patients efficiently and with quality. You and your patients deserve the very best in dental lab service.

Call DG Manhattan today at 212- 951-0044 to find out why we’re the best in New York City.

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