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Quality Composite Veneers Milled for Each Individual Patient


DG Manhattan is a full-service digital dental laboratory serving dentists in New York City and surrounding areas. Offering a wide range of state-of-the-art dental restoration products, including crowns, inlays, dentures, bridge units, retainers, mouthguards and much more, we are on the cutting-edge of modern dental care and help dentists all over NYC provide their patients with the best possible care. Our experienced and qualified team of designers and technicians offer meticulous attention to detail and next-level customization to accommodate every type of patient, including composite veneers milled to your specifications. Our products are made in the United and represent the future of modern dentistry. We are ready to help you streamline and modernize your dental practice.


Call DG Manhattan today at 212- 951-0044.


The Strongest and Most Adaptable Composite Veneers


When your patient comes to your for veneers, they want a perfectly matched set that adheres to their specific dentition. They want strength, flexibility, low maintenance and versatility. DG Manhattan is ready to provide all this and more. We provide customized veneers milled to each patient’s mouth shape and we utilize the strongest and most durable materials. Our technicians work hard to make sure your veneers look healthy and natural so you can feel confident and improve your quality of life. We believe that every patient has the right to a vibrant, healthy and full smile, and we’re determined to help you give it to your patients. Give your patients the best possible composite veneer solutions with DG Manhattan.


Your New Smile, Delivered Immediately


One of the factors that distinguish DG Manhattan from other NYC dental labs is our prompt and expedient customer service. Not only can we offer customized composite veneers milled to your patients’ specifications, we can have them in your office the next day. DG Manhattan offers a same-day service on many of our products to help expedite your patients’ dental care. We recognize that your patients can’t wait for weeks for their dental implants or restoratives, and we have made it our business model to provide the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Get the quality customized veneers your need faster than virtually anywhere else. We very much look forward to working with you and your colleagues.

Make Us Your Silent Partner


At DG Manhattan, our top priority is making sure our customers have the means and resources to give their patients the highest level of dental treatment. This can only be accomplished with the best and most advanced dental restoration products. We also offer the latest scanning and imaging machines to give your patients the clearest and most in-depth picture of their dental health. In an effort to reward customer loyalty, we offer our eligible clients free scanners based upon their monthly bill rates. Whether your patients need composite veneers milled to their specification customization or more involved dental work, we are ready to help you make it happen.


Call DG Manhattan today at 212- 951-0044 to experience a new frontier in dental care.

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