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The Premier Denture Lab for NYC Dentists


When you own an operate a dental practice, expertise and training are critical, but it will only get you so far. You need the right resources and technology to make sure that your patients are getting the optimum level of care. DG Manhattan is ready to step and fulfill these needs. We are a full-service denture lab offering the best and most durable products for your patient-community. Whether you need temporary or permanent dentures for your patients, we offer quality, American-made denture products that are developed, designed and customized by our team of experts. Give your patients the quality dentures they need and deserve.


Call DG Manhattan at 212- 951-0044 today. We look forward to telling you more about our products and services.


Crafted with Quality and Sensitivity


At DG Manhattan, we understand the needs of denture patients. They need products that are strong, adaptable, natural-looking and built to last. Our expert team of professionals offers an unparalleled level of customization. Our state-of-the-art dentures are designed for heavy use and easy maintenance. We know that it’s important that your patients be able to do things like speak, eat and live their lives in confidence, and we are determined to help them do just that. We offer affordable products to help you keep costs down and pass those savings onto your patients. Our cutting-edge denture labs are your best resource. Give your patients the dentures they need to look and feel their most  confident.


Prompt and Immediate Service


We know that you and your patients have schedules to keep and that they can’t afford to wait for something so vital as their dentures. DG Manhattan offers a three-day turnaround on our dentures so your patients can move on with their lives. We also provide a range of other dental reconstruction solutions, including implants, restoratives, crowns, fillings, inlays and more. Our primary goal is to help your patients get the healthy smiles they deserve by using the best and strongest possible products. Consider us your silent partner in giving your patients a quality and reliable dental experience. DG Manhattan also offers the latest image and scanning devices to help your patients get the most in-depth analysis of their overall dental health.


Helping You Give Your Patients What They Need


Whether your patients need dentures, crowns, fillings, retainers or anything else, they deserve the best possible options. Our denture lab has a long and established history at the forefront of innovation in the digital dentistry landscape. Your primary goal should be taking care of your patients, and you shouldn’t have to worry about having the resources and means to do so. DG Manhattan is ready to supply you with the technology and infrastructure you need to turn your office into a state-of-the-art dental center.


Call DG Manhattan today at 212- 951-0044 for the best denture lab in the New York City area.

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