Snap on veneers


Think of removable or snap-on veneers as special smile covers. They're like super-thin, custom-made shields for your teeth. If you're not happy with how your teeth look, these veneers can hide imperfections. You just pop them on over your teeth, a bit like putting on a glove.

They're great because they can instantly change the way your smile appears. Whether it's discoloration, gaps, or other issues, these veneers can give you a new look without any major dental work. Just remember, they're not as permanent as some other options, but they're a quick and easy way to get a dazzling smile makeover!

The Veneers are designed and manufactured in our lab.

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Flexible Dentures

Imagine a Valplast denture like a flexible and comfortable smile puzzle. Instead of using hard and rigid materials, Valplast dentures are made from a special flexible plastic. It's like having a custom-made gum-colored puzzle piece that fits snugly into your mouth where your missing teeth used to be.

This flexible material is designed to blend in with your gums and move a bit as you talk, eat, and smile. It's kind of like a gentle hug for your gums. The best part is that because it's flexible, it's usually more comfortable and feels less bulky compared to traditional dentures. Plus, it can be a great option if you're allergic to certain metals or if you're worried about how dentures might affect your appearance.

So, in simple terms, a Valplast denture is a flexible and comfy tooth replacement that fits nicely in your mouth and looks natural when you smile.

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A nightguard is like a cozy protector for your teeth while you sleep. It's a special tray made from a comfortable material. You wear it in your mouth at night.

If you tend to clench your teeth or grind them together while you're asleep, a nightguard keeps your teeth safe. It's like a cushion that absorbs the pressure so your teeth don't get hurt. It also helps your jaw relax, so you wake up feeling more comfortable.

Think of it as your teeth's superhero pajamas – they wear it at night to keep them strong and healthy while you rest. It's a simple way to prevent damage and wake up with a happier mouth.

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