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DG Dental Lab wants to put a smile on your face with our custom partial dentures. What distinguishes our partial dentures is that they will not take weeks or months to arrive at your door. We will return your personalized custom partial dentures within one business week. Your new flexible dentures aren’t as hard as permanent dentures, making them more durable and less breakable. Additionally, the softness of your custom partial dentures is gentler on your natural gums, and our partials look more natural compared to the traditional version. Eat and drink as you please with your custom partial dentures of FDA-approved material from DG Dental Lab. Send your impression from the home kit back to us via the free return label included in the package, and our skilled dental technicians will get to work creating your new partial dentures.

Custom Partial Dentures

SKU: 366615376135191
  • We mkae flexible dentures from the best FDA approved materials on the market.  

    FREE Digital Models of your teeth included with each order!

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