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Flexible Flipper (great solution for few misssing teeth)

Flexible Flipper (great solution for few misssing teeth)

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Picture a Flexible Flipper like a comfy, bendy tooth friend. If you're missing a tooth, this is like a temporary buddy that fills the gap. It's made from a flexible material, so it's soft on your gums.

Think of it as a little tooth-shaped cushion that fits right where your missing tooth used to be. You can easily put it in and take it out, just like flipping something. It's not a permanent solution, but it's great while you're waiting for something more solid, like an implant or a bridge.

So, in simple words, a Flexible Flipper is a soft, bendable tooth replacement that helps you smile and eat until you get a more permanent fix.

Flippers made in our lab are fully functional. Eating and drinking is absolutely safe with them.

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