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Snap On Veneers

Snap On Veneers is an alternative to porcelain veneers or crowns, that saves you thousands of dollars.

No surgical procedures or anesthetic is needed, teeth do not need to get prepped.

Snap On Veneers are removable, temporary veneers that are affordable and durable!

Our laboratory uses a 3D scanner, the newest technology available today, to make sure the fit is precise to make the Snap On Veneers as comfortable as your own teeth.

The appliance will be made using CAD/CAM technology. NOT hand crafted, which insures zero human error.

You are buying your appliance directly from the manufacturer, which guarantees best quality, lowest price and fast turnaround time.

The pricing for this appliance is 140$ for the Snap On Veneers, and we have s stronger material available for $320.

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