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Snap On Veneers

Temporary veneers for short term usage. Perfect for any occasion

If you have crooked, missing, damaged, chipped teeth, our digital technology can help anyone smile again.

The veneers go over the teeth, clipping onto them without any need for drilling, anesthesia, or any pain. It is a cosmetic solution which can help anyone gain the confidence which was missing due to any damaged front teeth.

Perfect for any occasion (Photoshoot, wedding, date, interview)

The Veneers are designed and manufactured in our lab.

There are two types of Veneers – Acrylic and Flexy.

Flexy is more durable, but it’s still a very delicate appliance.

The appliance is non-functional, which means no eating, no drinking, no sleeping with it.


347-630-5474 to schedule an appointment to get your teeth scanned for new veneers!

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