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Zirconia Veneers for Full Shape or Overlay Patients


When you’re a dentist treating patients in New York City, you need the best possible products to ensure your patients are receiving the highest level or care. DG Manhattan utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring dentists all over NYC a full range of superior dental products, including crowns, veneers, inlays, dentures, bridge units and more. Our expert team of lab techs and designers provide the highest levels of customization, whether you need zirconia veneers for full shape and overlay procedures or anything else. DG Manhattan manufactures our products in the USA, and our leadership has spent years at the forefront of digital dentistry. Our goal is to provide dentists and their patients with strongest, highest-quality and most customized dental restoratives to match their natural dentition.


Call DG Manhattan today at 212- 951-0044 to learn more about what we offer.


Strength and Durability for Ultimate Confidence


Zirconia has recently become a popular dental material as it has high strength, is resistant to fracture, and being opaque has the ability to mask discolored underlying tooth structure. Whether you’re looking for press-on veneers to go to directly over existing teeth or you need to fully shaped units to help improve shape and definition, DG Manhattan has the superior products you need to get the job done. Our technicians have a long and established history of preparing zirconia veneers for full shape and overlay procedure, and we can provide individualized service for every type of patient. We work with all kinds of impressions. Preparation of zirconia veneers is a highly delicate and specialized procedure; it’s important that you have a lab that is equipped to deal with each patient’s customized needs.


Advancing the Evolution of Veneer Customization


One of the early obstacles to using zirconia veneers in full shape or overlay procedures was the difficulty in matching patients’ specific tooth color or mouth shape. Today this has all changed thanks to the efforts of labs like DG Manhattan. Our professionals work hand in hand to make sure your patients’ veneers look healthy, full and natural. We understand how important it is that your patients be able to look and live confidently. Our zirconia veneers provide the strength, adaptability and natural look they need to feel their best. DG Manhattan is proud of our ability to give patients their smile and oral healthy back. We look forward to working with your colleagues to improve your patients’ quality of life.


An All-Inclusive Dental Lab


In addition to our superior products, our New York City digital dental lab offers the personalized service you need and deserve. DG Manhattan offers 24 hour service on any dental products so your patients can keep their schedules and get quality care as soon as possible. We offer our regular customers routine deals that put the latest imaging and scanning technology in their offices for free. DG Manhattan is your partner in making sure your patients receive the best dental care available. It all begins with the raw materials.


Call DG Manhattan at 212- 951-0044

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